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Rochelle DeSouza

Hi fellow dessert lovers,

I’m Rochelle DeSouza, a Business Graduate turned Pastry Chef and also the face behind Pretty Little Layers Toronto.

While I was in college I would bake for friends and family and the joy my desserts brought to people’s faces was when I realized I want to pursue my passion and study Pastry professionally.

I started Pretty Little Layers back home in 2015 but ever since I moved to Canada, I never had the time (because I worked part time on my days off from school) or space (because I lived in a house shared with other students).

Right after I graduated from my second Baking Program, I lost my job due to COVID. I tried to stay positive and thought this is the Universe’s way of telling me to bring Pretty Little Layers back!

I’ve done everything from commercial large scale baking to Vegan baking to even Fine Dining. It took me 5 years to realize what my niche is and I can finally say my heart lies in French Pastry. I owe it to Le Cordon Bleu for instilling in me the foundation of French Pastry.

Thanks for supporting my dream.

Stay Safe & Stay Sweet!
-Pretty Little Layers

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